The insurance is performed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan №446 –II ЗРК «On compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners» of July 01, 2003.
Compulsory insurance concerns civil liability of the owners of all kinds of vehicles registered in divisions of road traffic police of law enforcement agencies or vehicles temporary admitted to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as streetcars and electric buses.
Object of insurance – property interest of the Policy-holder (Insured), associated with his liability to compensate for the harm caused to life, health, and (or) property of third parties as a result of vehicles operation as a major hazard.
Insurance agreement of legal persons is concluded in a written form on the basis of an application filed by the Insured by issuing an insurance policy for each operated vehicle. The application shall be executed by the Insured according to the form established by the Insurer with indication of the list of vehicles and attachment of registration certificates.

Term of insurance -12 months (except seasonal operation of a vehicle or temporary admission to Kazakhstan). The agreement is valid till the first insured event.
Insurance value (insurance premium) for legal persons is calculated on the basis of base premium, established in the amount of 1,9 MCI, with application of the Law-established coefficients for legal persons depending on the vehicle type, period of operation, and place of registration. You can use the calculator to calculate the insurance premium. 
Insurance benefit:

Up to 600 MCI for damaged property of one person affected,
Up to 1000 MCI for the harm caused to life/health of one person affected.

Shall be paid by the Insurer within 15 calendar days after receipt of all the necessary documents 
Direct settlement – payment of insurance benefit to the person affected by the Insurer, with which the agreement on vehicle owners’ compulsory civil liability insurance has been concluded.