Mission and valuables

Mission and valuables

The Company’s Mission

To provide benefits to clients, shareholders, employees and society through rendering high-quality services in the insurance field. 

The Company’s Values

The company holds itself out as a reliable insurer. In its activity the Company adheres to the principle of strict compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the international law standards. The Company does its business fairly and promotes the maximum transparency policy.

The Company strives for leading positions in the insurance field. The Company’s activity is aimed at achieving leading rates in all the areas of operation. The Company seeks for development and implementation of the best practices in insurance in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Company strives for the highest standards in professional activity, is open for innovations and new ideas. The main objective is to perform all the operations of the clients servicing in a responsible, timely manner and on the best conditions, that will ensure stable and long-term relationships with the clients.