Insurance personal accident

Insurance personal accident

Accident insurance of physical party

Life is full of surprises, and some of them are not very nice. Unpleasant surprises can take place at home, at works, on vacation. Accident insurance will compensate possible costs on treatment and rehabilitation.

«Halyk» Insurance Company» JSC offers to use program of Voluntary accident insurance of physical parties.

What can be insured? Life and health.
What risks can be insured?
1. temporary disability;
2. permanent total disability;
3. death of the Insured.

The amount of insurance benefit is defined depending on the case and is equal to:
1. on the risk of “temporary dysfunction of body” the payment is realized on the basis of 0.16% from the amount per each day of disability (stay in hospital or treatment domiciliary) but not more than 60 (sixty) calendar days;
2. on the risk of “dysfunction of body”, which caused disability with fixing the Insured the category of “disabled child”, the payment is realized on the basis of the amount of 60% from the insurance benefit;
3. on risk of “dysfunction of body” that caused disability:

I group – 80% from the insurance benefit,
II group – 60% from the insurance benefit,
III group – 40% from the insurance benefit;

4. on risk of “death” – on the basis of 100% of insurance benefit.
To get material assistance in case of disability (temporary or permanent).
To get compensation of your costs on treatment in case of accident or critical disease.
To provide financial support in case of sudden death of a supporter of the family.

Document for conclusion of an agreement:
1. ID card